Before installing hotCoffee make sure you have installed Laravel 5.8 or above and PHP 7.2 or newer.

Step 1: Require the package

The installation process is really simple. Create a new Laravel application and include the package with the following command:

composer require taffovelikoff/hotcoffee

Step 2: Setup the database

Create a new database and add your database credentials to the .env file. Also add your application URL in the APP_URL variable:


Step 3: Run the installation script

After that you can run an artisan command to finalize the installation.

php artisan hotcoffee:install

The script will ask you if you want to also install the example logic (this includes some example controllers, routes, views and dummy pages for the front-end of your app). Type "yes" or "no" and hit enter to continue.

Step 4: Extend the user model

Edit your User model (usually app/models/User.php) and make the class extend \TaffoVelikoff\HotCoffee\User instead of Authenticatable.

namespace App\Models;
class User extends \TaffoVelikoff\HotCoffee\User

Step 5: Create an admin user

You can now create your first admin user with a simple artisan command:

php artisan hotcoffee:make-admin --name=admin [email protected]

Step 6: Make sure everything went OK

Use php artisan serve to run PHP's built-in development server. The admin panel should be available on this address (or similar): Login with your admin credential. 👏 That's it!

Seeing "Specified key was too long" error while DB is migrating? This may help:

Seeing "Unable to prepare route … for serialization. Uses Closure." error? This may help: