Artisan Commands


php artisan hotcoffee:install

This will run the initial installation script. No need to run it a second time after that.


php artisan hotcoffee:make-admin

Create a new admin user. The command will ask you for a user name, e-mail and password. Alternatively you can add the user name and email as options:

php artisan hotcoffee:make-admin --name=taffo [email protected]


php artisan hotcoffee:delete-user [email protected]

Find user by e-mail and delete it.


php artisan hotcoffee:module name --folder=some_folder

This will create a boilerplate for a new "module". So for example php artisan hotcoffee:module product --folder=front will generate:

  • A ProductController in app/Http/Controllers/Front.

  • A Product model in app.

  • A products.blade.php template to list all of the products in resources/views/front.

  • A product.blade.php template to create/edit a product in resources/views/front.